Use your imagination to ‘Paint’ your own Fruit Butterfly!

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“A gentle creature that floats in the wind, a vision of beauty for all to see.”

140216 Fruit ButterflyOur butterfly has emerged! And, as hoped, it drew rave reviews from my client and her guests!

Now, it’s your turn. Use your imagination to ‘paint’ your own butterfly with the fruits of your choice. Below is a list of the fruits we used.

Red & Green Grapes

When I posted the ‘sample’ butterfly a couple of weeks ago, I said I was going to use a cardboard cutout covered with foil. I decided against that and it’s a good thing I did because I could have never transported it that way. I asked my husband to cut one out of a thin piece of wood and I covered it with foil. That worked beautifully and was plenty sturdy for transport.

Total work time, including cleaning and cutting the fruit, was approximately an hour and 10 minutes … but well worth it.

I now have orders for more of these captivating fruit butterflies at future events I will be catering.