Lately the Saboteur has been hanging around …

Beware of the saboteur … You know ... that subversive little imaginary guy who sits on your shoulder and screams at you when you can't think of something to write, telling you that what you're writing just doesn't measure up! Yes, that's the … [Read more...]

A Mistake We Almost Made!

Just about a year ago, when Annie Clark Cole approached our book publishing department … before we read her initial submission … we were tempted to send her a polite, but reasonably standard response saying "We received and read your publishing … [Read more...]

Local author, Annie Clark Cole, introduces her epic Western saga during “Christmas in Montgomery” Dec. 14

Being wanted for murder can make you edgy! Vick Porter had been on the run from lawmen for five years when he rode into Odessa in 1898. He knew an outlaw might be safe in the small West Texas town – at least for a few days – but, then, he was no … [Read more...]