New banner ads mean business

Advertising with LakeConroeTXonline magazine now includes banners for all sizes and types of business. Today we are introducing the banner ad specifications for some of what we believe will be our best selling formats for sidebar display. All of the banners shown here display perfectly in the sidebar of the magazine because they use 100% of the sidebar width while offering different price points for advertisers. Exact pricing for these banners varies depending on site placement, length of run and other factors, so contact us to discuss your particular needs and advertising budget.

The “Sidebar Button Ad” ¬†at the top is perfect for the budget-minded small business with an existing web site which could be linked directly from the button-like banner.

Business Standard” is the name for the second banner because it makes any business look good with its tasteful size that speaks well to the customer that the business represented here is a professional enterprise they’ll want to seek out. A click on this ad inspires confidence!

ALL Business” makes a bold statement to your prospective clients with the space and ability to not only let the viewer know who is advertising, but display even more detail of what they have to offer which is significant enough to be displayed in such a bold format.