The “Bare Cupboard Solution” and other great Frugal Tips

Thanks to all our contestants in the Creative Frugal Tip Contest! You had some great ideas, and we hope you will watch for future contests.

Sticky Note - Creative Frugal Trips2GOLD Creative Frugal Tip by Kathy S:

I use what my grandson calls “the bare cupboard solution” most of the time.

  • If I get a mosquito bite, I don’t spend gas money and time to run buy expensive cortisone cream or spray stuff, I use simple white vinegar on it. Works every time, and saves lots of money.
  • Instead of buying fabric softener, I use white vinegar. Softens everything, even denim, and does away with static cling, too.

My “Bare Cupboard Solution” motto is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as much as possible. You’d be amazed at how much money you can save just being a bit creative instead of running for the easy solution all the time.

SILVER Creative Frugal Tip by Lynn W:

When you open canned fruit pour the juice into ice cube trays and freeze. Add to punch or lemonade to cool it so it won’t be watered down with regular ice cubes. It also adds extra color to the punch.

BRONZE Creative Frugal Tip by Rita A:

When shopping I sometimes put something in my cart that I “want.” I keep it in view of my “list” as I mark items off. By the end of the trip around the store  the “want” items don’t seem quite as important as the “need” items and I end up returning the “want” item on it’s original space,  It drives my husband crazy! I also refrain from buying “want” items when they first come out, and have waited a year or more for an item to come down in price.

FOURTH PLACE Creative Frugal Tip by Jodi T:

My frugal tip is to preserve our shredders a lot longer. I purchased king sized Sharpie permanent marker, and instead of shredding all the mountain of stuff that comes in the mail, I simply mark through our personal information on envelopes, etc. That way I can throw the entire mailing in the trash to be recycled and saves my shredder for more important jobs.

FIFTH PLACE Creative Frugal Tip by Lee:

Look for used first. If you need something — I mean really need it, not just want it — see if someone you know has one that they don’t use or need anymore.