School Supplies to Benefit Low-Income Families

Students across the county will soon prepare to go back to school. They’ll need both school supplies and new clothes. This can be a difficult time for parents who are already struggling to keep food on the table, pay their housing, and allow for … [Read more...]

600 pounds of food and hygiene products donated for toy and food drive for Montgomery County families

Quality Comfort Air had its first Annual Toy/Food Drive to benefit Children’s Cancer and Montgomery County Emergency Assistance on Saturday, December 7. Over 600 pounds of food and hygiene products were donated to help families in crisis throughout … [Read more...]

Doris Golemon files for County Judge

Doris Golemon filed for County Judge in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, December 6,  as  the “true conservative in the County Judge race who will bring a new perspective to the Commissioner’s Court and will represent the taxpayer, not special … [Read more...]

Homeless Coalition launches week-long ‘Awareness’ activities to help those in need

The Montgomery County Homeless Coalition will sponsor a week of activities to help increase awareness and educate the public about hunger and homeless issues facing many people in our community from Friday through Thursday, November … [Read more...]

2013 Galaxy of Stars Quilt Show to be featured at Lone Star Convention Center

Ranging from simple and practical to elegant and luxurious, handcrafted quilted bedcovers and throws have been cherished throughout history. The art of quilting can be traced back to ancient Egypt and China when layers of various fabrics were sewn … [Read more...]

Billy goats are best visited from the other side of a very strong fence!

My first face-to-face meeting with a goat didn't last very long, because it turned into a face-to-backside, not-so-pleasant calamity when Mr. Billy Goat's face butted my backside! But, I learned the valuable lesson that day, at the ripe old age of … [Read more...]