Why buy when you can borrow and other ways to save!

When you’re trying to save money and be more frugal, the local library is your best friend. Instead of buying DVDs and new books, borrow them from your nearest library. You won’t pay a cent to borrow armloads of books and movies. Just be sure you … [Read more...]

“My massive collection of household cleaners certainly doesn’t come cheap!”

From cleaning up the dreaded mold and mildew in your shower or on window sills, to cleaning your oven, some simple household products can save you time and money, and prevent reactions to the harsh chemicals found in many commercial products. Read … [Read more...]

Eating Out Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget

Grocery Receipts  – Always look at your grocery receipts for restaurant (and other) coupons! Order for one and split it – Most restaurants will split the order for you, so just ask; otherwise ask for an extra plate and split it yourself. If you’re … [Read more...]