Smile on Your Neighbor … LSFHC Asks Community to Assist Indigent with Dental Care

Give the Gift of a SmileAdults in Montgomery County are hoping for a reason to smile this Christmas with help from the community. Lone Star Family Health Center (LSFHC) is launching its “Give the Gift of a Smile” campaign to help indigent adults get necessary dental care.

“I have been rejected, not by my qualifications for the job, but my teeth! I would cover my mouth whenever I talk or laugh so that people wouldn’t stare. Now that I have had dental work, I have my dream job, and I feel better about myself. I can’t stop smiling!” The patient wanted to hide her identity, but was very grateful for the opportunity to change her life.

Founded in 2002, LSFHC is a non-profit organization dedicated to insuring quality health care that is affordable to thousands of people. The Gift of a Smile “Dental Restorative Care” can change the physical, emotional, and mental well being of an individual. Although LSFHC takes all forms of payment – (private insurance, CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare, and sliding scale fee) the costs for dental can be very prohibitive.

“I have seen patients sick from tooth decay,” Stephen Barker, DDS at LSFHC said. “We had a patient come in recently with a canine tooth that was decayed. This is a vital tooth for both chewing and eating food. We were able to assist her with a root canal, a crown, and other procedures to clean up the tooth. She was so excited she gave me a hug, she couldn’t afford to lose any more teeth.”

The dental staff includes Donna Henley Jackson, Dental Director, Ashley McQueen, DDS, Carlos Garza, DDS, and Stephen Barker, DDS. Children, teens, and adults are treated by appointment Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Friday 8 a.m. – Noon by calling 936-524-4004.

Some of the costs for dental care are:

  • $50 – sealant, cleaning, exam
  • $100 – x-rays, emergency exam,
  • $200 – periodontal scaling, root planning
  • $500 – 4 quadrant scaling
  • $1000 – crown
  • $1500 – buildup and crown, one denture, one partial

Please consider giving the Gift of a Smile or Restorative Dental Care by going to the website and clicking on the I GIVE button. The drop down menu will reflect an option for “Give a Smile” or “Restorative Dental.” Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated and make a difference to those who can’t afford dental care. All donations are tax deductible. Patients must qualify for assistance through a dental screening and eligibility process.

LSFHC sees over 50,000 patients annually and has a nationally recognized Family Medicine Residency Program, graduating 10 family practitioners each year. Lone Star Family Health Center is located at 605 S. Conroe Medical Drive, past Conroe Regional Hospital off Loop 336 South. LSFHC is a full medical clinic with services for Family Health Care, Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Child and Newborn Care, Geriatric Care, Sports Physicals, Men’s Health, Diabetes Education, Nutritional Counseling, and bilingual staff for interpretation.

Your gift will keep on Giving a Smile!