Premiere Placement Banner Advertising

Location … Location … LOCATION!

Heron Hunting (photo by Ron Frazier)

A Blue Heron, the isnpiration for our logo, hunts for fish from a very carefully selected spot.

That old real estate saw comes back into vogue with web advertising and location is the operative word once again. First, you need to make sure you’re advertising in the right market … the market your customers frequent. And, for businesses in the Lake Conroe area, the best web advertising venue around is LakeConroeTXonline magazine. And the best location on the LakeConroeTXonline web site is where people go the most … the home page. The banner ad you see below is the same one you saw at the top of our home page, and is our finest example of premiere placement banner advertising. Most folks will begin browsing our web site at the home page, so the best place to put our premiere ad is, you guessed it, the home page, just under the site header.

This is a rotating banner and will include an exclusive number of local advertisers in the rotation. YOU could be one of those advertisers … if you act soon enough. YOU could be one of those exclusive advertisers at a lower cost than you probably imagine.