A Mistake We Almost Made!

Legend of Panther HollerJust about a year ago, when Annie Clark Cole approached our book publishing department … before we read her initial submission … we were tempted to send her a polite, but reasonably standard response saying “We received and read your publishing inquiry. Although we enjoyed reading your idea, we cannot accept material from new authors at this time. Please do not let this discourage you, but we we are not well suited to handle this particular type of material at this time.”

Today we are very thankful that we didn’t make that serious mistake!

Annie’s book, Legend of Panther Holler, is nothing short of superb, and she is an absolute delight to work with! Below are a couple of reviews we discovered and wanted to share with our readers:

Annie Clark Cole has created a spellbinding story with, Legend of Panther Holler, and it hooked me right off the bat. This is not your typical western and there is nothing traditional about the plot, but she has expertly woven a tall tale of multiple murders, death, con artists, and others that surely lived when the west was young.

It amazed me how the rich gained their wealth, usually being deceitful, and just how quickly all could be lost with the casual toss of a card. An excellent first book … and highly recommended by me. I look forward to her next release. W.R. Benton, Author of War Paint, Red Runs the Plains, The Fur Seekers and several other books.


I started this darn book, thinking it would help me drift off to sleep…HUH!!! I was up most of the night! I couldn’t put it down! Legend of Panther Holler truly brought enjoyment back into reading…The characters were wonderful, and the story was indicative of what one would think of the “OLD WEST.”

I laughed and cried, as though I was RIGHT there living and experiencing what was taking place…Annie Clark Cole, you’re an incredible story teller, and I look forward to many more exciting adventures to come from you! PURE CLASS! You have proven, that a book of quality can be done without graphic details, and still get the point across with style…You are a true classic novelist of taste, terrific story telling, and class! Thank You, your books, your story telling, will go down in history among the greats! Lisa Thompson

In the next day or so, we plan to post one of her blogs here on LakeConroeTXonline.com. If you just can’t wait to see what she has to say about becoming an author, click on this link: http://annieclarkcole.com/annies-blog/