Doris Golemon files for County Judge

131207 Doris GolemonDoris Golemon filed for County Judge in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, December 6,  as  the “true conservative in the County Judge race who will bring a new perspective to the Commissioner’s Court and will represent the taxpayer, not special interest groups.”

Since February 2012, Golemon has served as Chief of Staff for County Judge Alan B. Sadler overseeing the day-to-day administrative operations of the county. Before hiring on with the county, she spent nine years as Executive Director of the Montgomery County Food Bank. During her tenure at the Food Bank Golemon managed a $10 million budget with an annual administrative budget of only four percent.

In her current position Golemon has the opportunity to assist the entire county and not just the under-served populations. “Once employed by the county, I saw firsthand what the County Judge’s responsibilities were and knew that I had the background, leadership abilities and experience for the job,” Golemon said.

As County Judge, Golemon’s top priority will be to ensure that Commissioner’s Court is transparent, ethical and fiscally responsible. “This is the type of Commissioner’s Court that taxpayers of Montgomery County deserve,” Golemon said.

“Keeping our taxes flat is not good enough for our taxpayers. The Commissioner’s Court should be planning and prioritizing the needs of the county, and putting money aside for the future. With the growth our county is experiencing and the increase in appraised value of our property, there should be no reason our tax rate should not be lowered,” she added.

Golemon believes creating a strategic plan for today and going out beyond 5 and 10 years is critical to forecast future projects and the tax dollars that will be needed. “With the proper planning,” Golemon said, “there should not be any reason for the court to vote to borrow funds; it is a decision that voters should be making.”

“A lack of planning and prioritizing has left the county taxpayer with a tax rate that has remained the same for years, yet tax payments have only increased,” she emphasized.

Having owned and operated small businesses and being a wife and mother of four sons in addition to her tenure at the Food Bank, Golemon believes she has demonstrated the importance of strategic planning, prioritizing and being transparent with the allocations of taxpayer funds, and stands on her record.

A native Texan, she has lived in Montgomery County for 27 years. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. She also achieved a lifetime teaching certificate from Sam Houston State University. Married to attorney Scott Golemon, together they have raised four sons and are proud grandparents.

“My filing for County Judge allows voters to make a change from the status quo by electing me, Doris Golemon, a true conservative. I have a record to stand on that I am proud of.”