Huge Benefit Sale – Christ Church at 10087 League Line Road, Conroe

BenefitWhen a serious injury leaves one unable to continue working, bills pile up and gradually hope fades — unless you have a church family trying to help. And, that’s exactly what Christ Church at 10087 League Line Road is doing tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 28.

Quite a few people came together to contribute items for a huge Benefit Sale for a young man in the congregation who was injured last November and has been unable to work since. Now they just need YOU, all your friends, family, and neighbors to come browse through everything tomorrow. The sale starts at 8 a.m., so come on out early while the selections are good!

Below is a photo gallery of some of the items for sale. Most of the items are inside the Fellowship Hall, so neither heat nor rain will stop the sale. Hope to see you there!