Breakin’ the Rules Again … this food is … What else can we say but “Yummy Yummy”?

Yummy Yummy Custom Bowl(1)As I just enjoyed the last bite of my delicious leftovers from yesterday’s meal, and remembered our first visit to Yummy Yummy in Willis, I had to laugh at the memory of going up to the restaurant’s door day after day early this year, waiting for their grand opening.

What a disappointment it was to discover there were “a few more finishing touches” to complete before the restaurant could open.

And, I think half of Willis joined us in our impatience. Clearly, it was time for a local Mongolian-style restaurant,* and it was hard to wait.

 But, it was well worth it!

The day Yummy Yummy opened, we were served by a delightful young man, Aaron, who introduced us to the menu as well as the custom bowls. Although they have an extensive menu to choose from, we’ve always gone the “do it yourself” route so we can select exactly which ingredients we want … from fish to shrimp, chicken to pork, and a great variety of fresh vegetables, as well as pineapple and peanuts.

Once we pile the food as high as we can get it in our very ample bowl, and just before they add the rice or noodles, we add our own selection of a wide range of spicy and savory flavors and sauces, from mild to intensely spicy, and our meals are transformed into extraordinary cuisine. Naturally, we experiment with different sauces each visit.**

But, back to our first visit. We thoroughly enjoyed our food, and Aaron was a great waiter, full of energy and lots of fun. I think we’ve been back at least once a week ever since, and continue to enjoy their delicious food every time, along with the fun and friendly servers.

Bottom line, Yummy Yummy is a a great place for a quick, delicious and very reasonably priced meal. The staff is friendly, ingredients are fresh, and the bowls are cooked exactly to order. If you haven’t tried their food yet, our question is: What are you waiting for?

Yummy Yummy Sushi

Almost too pretty to eat!

*Mongolian-style cooking combines ingredients such as thinly sliced frozen meats, chopped vegetables, noodles and sauce which are cooked on a large, flat, very hot griddle, and the food is cooked in just a matter of moments.

**Thought that I’d add that just because I’m not necessarily a sushi fan, their sushi bar looks great! Be sure to take a look for yourself.

Yummy Yummy is located at 12709 Interstate 45 Ste 350, in the Kroger Shopping Center.