Searching for Montgomery County authors!

Wanted Local AuthorsWe are on a mission to locate aspiring Montgomery County area authors (particularly those who have self-published, but we welcome all local authors, as long as their books pass the Great-Grandma Test meaning if you wouldn’t want your Great-Grandma to read it, we won’t feature it).

Books to be considered include published, self-published and independent publisher works in various categories such as non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, comics/graphic novels, poetry, plays, biographies, cookbooks, and photography/art.

To date, we have  featured and reviewed books by three local authors and would like to add to these. Check them out here.

Additionally, a local author has asked the publishing arm of our company to produce/publish her novel and host a book signing event in Conroe in early November. Plans are underway, and while the book signing event is in early planning stages and depends quite a bit on finding other authors to join in, we are excited about the possibilities!

I know Ron Frazier (Dear Walt) will be there since he’s my extremely talented husband and I haven’t given him a choice. Bill Williams (Profile of a Country Boy) has agreed to bring his books.  We have a couple of other local authors in mind, and we’d love to have YOU if you have published a book! On the other hand, if you have a book ready to publish but don’t know how to go about publishing it, we can help!

If you have an interest in submitting a book review and/or being a part of the book signing venture – and know of others who share your interest – please contact me through the Contact Us form found here.