Texas history personified: Fernland Historical Park

The opening words from the Fernland Historical Park web site give us a concise overview of the treasure of carefully preserved Texas history you’ll find there so we’ll quote them:

Located within the heart of downtown Montgomery, Fernland Historical park is a unique hands-on educational park, bringing samples of early Texas architecture together with examples of early Texas life. The log homes and cabins presented within the park are some of the oldest remaining structures within Texas.


But Fernland has also become a place to preserve the “spirit” of early Texas History. Fernland has become the site of regional celebrations of Texas history over the past few years, and through these celebrations, has helped to create an atmosphere alive with colorful characters, historically accurate lifestyles, music, and the verve which made the Texas frontier legendary.

These celebrations, including last year’s Feeding the Frontier event, often include historically accurate “reenactment” of a range of historical events. You’ll often hear the cannon fire of historical battles, see chuck wagons complete with cowboys fixin’ beans and coffee over an open campfire, an expert cowboy giving roping lessons, hear live bluegrass music, unexpected gunfights in the street … and the list goes on. It’s a show about TRUE history that likely happened right where you’re standing a couple of hundred years ago. Kids and adults love it!

Most days you’ll find a serene setting at Fernland.  You’ll be able to move around the grounds quietly, get up close to 150+ year old artifacts, walk the same floors as the founders of Texas walked, and immerse yourself in this three dimensional, imminently real, piece of Texas and American heritage.

For more information go to Fernland’s web site at Fernland.org. And, you might also keep your eyes and ears open for the next chance to experience “living” history at the next live celebration here which could transform this usually quiet place about Texas history into a place where you are literally immersed in it.

You can see Fernland’s directory listing complete with a map on our site HERE!

Take a look at the photo gallery below to get a sampling of the flavor of the 2012 Feeding the Frontier Festival at Fernland last November.