Denmark to Texas … A photographic journey!

It’s always difficult to find your most interesting traits and bring them together,
without sounding self centered or arrogant,
and there is also the possibility of sounding dull or boring …
but, I want to know you, and want you to know me. So here goes!

My name is Bella Elkjaer Flynn and I come from a small town on the Jutland peninsula, Denmark. Early on in my life my parents decided to move to England and I was brought up in the English school system. I studied drama, history, literature, media studies and attended an academy for performing arts doing musical theatre and standup comedy.


Growing up in a family of actors and musicians, I took to the stage and performing instantly. I am the youngest of four and I am the only one who danced down the artistic route.


” … my ability to tell stories blooms through my lens …”

As my mother tells me I was quite the storyteller on and off the stage, “a lovely little liar.” I could paint pictures with my voice and wit.

In my wishful mind, I believe that my ability to tell stories blooms through my lens also, not just on stage.

Photography to me is another form of performing, another aspect of art. Painting with light instead of movement and voice. Photographs are another wonderful way for me to express myself, another beautiful medium of showing the depths of one’s mind.

When I first bought my camera I would often take self-portraits, as I said it sounds self-centered! I assure you, its not.  These self portraits would be of all the characters I wish I could play, meet or have met. They are not always pretty, they are not perfect but they are real. I don’t know if I would say photography is something I like, it’s more of a sweet curse with benefits.

When you’re a photographer you cannot leave the house without your camera, it becomes your eyes. You are always looking at life as if it could be your next masterpiece. However, that sheer joy you feel when you realize that on that little camera of yours, lies a picture that is exactly what was in your mind, is indescribable. There are your feelings and visions for the world to see.

My favorite subjects to photograph range from history, portraits, and nautical.

Another large part of my life revolves around the sea and sailing. I started sailing around the same time that I bought my first DSLR camera, so my first photographs were of my early sailing years. Pictures that I am so glad I have today. I love capturing a moment in history that can never be reproduced.

My sailing instructor and best friend was the first person whom I loved to photograph. Not exactly portraits but images of his movements around the vessel. His gaze out to sea, a gaze I like to think I inherited; his seamanship and our adventures together are all captured in photographs. One picture can trigger my memories of the entire day and, when I miss him, I go through our pictures, and remember how lucky I am to have him as a part of my life.

Photographs serve all kinds of purposes to people but the most important is memory, for me at least. Being so far from home and building another life across the world is hard, but my photographs help me remember where I came from, who I am and they show my family who I am becoming.

Many wonder how I ended up in a place like Texas, especially when I am a north-man through and through. I don’t like humidity. I don’t like heat. I want snow and I want cold.

IMG_7929 Bella and JackTo put it simply, I fell in love with a cowboy and who wouldn’t?

He sang for me, made me laugh and showed me a new world that I’d never known. He showed me how beautiful everything could be. My husband brought me here and I am glad that he did. I never knew that I could love someone as much as he. Part of me is sure that he was supposed to find me.

Moving to Texas has definitely had an impact on my photography. Of course, my subjects have drastically changed. I absolutely adore photographing longhorns and horses, not to mention the historical events. Brilliant! Right up my alley. History and photography going hand in hand, it simply doesn’t get much better. In England I loved to photograph Nautical History. A passion of mine, Texas history is quite a different subject. Never fails to interest me and keep me hanging on.

As good and bad walk hand in hand, I have had positive as well as negative experiences as a photographer. Getting the perfect is obviously as positive as it gets; however, in the beginning I had days where my manual settings hadn’t been up to par, rendering all my hard work useless.

All are learning curves. It’s so important to get to know your equipment and I am still learning myself, but I improve my knowledge of camera technology everyday. Mostly its trial and error for me, angles and lights are to be played with.

For a person who never aspired to be a photographer, I discovered an artistic talent I didn’t know I had. Through photography, I’ve learned that talent may be artistic or technical, mental or physical, personal or social and they will always be your own, a part of what makes you into you … that makes day-to-day life interesting, more meaningful.”

Be sure to contact me for all your photographic needs!

Please call me whether you need a simple portrait for a business card or day-long special events! I strongly believe we should all take time out to to visually document all that we love in the world … family, friends, activities … and, I’d love to be a part of and capture all your special moments. 936-207-5823