Lately the Saboteur has been hanging around …

Beware of the saboteur …

Saboteur2You know … that subversive little imaginary guy who sits on your shoulder and screams at you when you can’t think of something to write, telling you that what you’re writing just doesn’t measure up!

Yes, that’s the one! That subversive little guy who just squeals with delight every time he thinks you’re going to give up.

Lately, he’s really been hanging around me, trying with all his might to convince me that my sequel to Legend of Panther Holler the Ghost of Panther Holler – just doesn’t hold up.

And, for awhile, I fell for that, just long enough to experience some of the the most frustrating, discouraging moments. Like most artists there comes a time when one doubts their work whether it’s writing, painting or any other form of self-expression.

That little voice that creates a stupor of thought, manages to sneak in and out of your consciousness with no warning, but I’ve learned that if I just take a few minutes to go back to read and “live” with my characters again, I can swat that little guy away.

Yes, I can do that, because I’ve come to realize my characters are alive and exciting, and it’s a wonderful “rest of the story” about Vick Porter, the legend himself.

So, if you are an artist of any genre, before giving up to the saboteur, remember, he is just a subversive little imaginary guy trying to steal your joy.

Writing is not easy and is full of its challenges, but don’t allow that saboteur make it more challenging than it has to be.