Lake Conroe To GO!


Here at LakeConroeTXonline Magazine we go to great lengths to make it as easy as possible for you to keep up with what’s happening in the Lake Conroe area. We know that you are a mobile community with all kinds of devices from smart phones to tablets to full sized computers or even high-definition TV screens. So we designed our magazine to be “smart-phone friendly” or “mobile responsive.”

What does that mean for our readers? It means that no matter what kind of web-connected device you have, you’ll be able to enjoy everything about LakeConroeTXonline Magazine, at home or on the go. We affectionately call this approach “Lake Conroe To-Go” and have even provided an additional, easy to remember web address for our web site, so it’s now even easier to keep up with what’s happening in the Lake Conroe, Texas area.

Smart Phone displaying web site

Smart Phones display our web site beautifully in vertical position too!

How did we do that? We designed our “intelligent” multi-column layout to sense the pixel width of any screen and determine the best display method for that specific size. For example, on a small smart-phone screen it knows to “wrap” itself into a single, naturally scrollable column so that you don’t have to go scrolling sideways or stretching tiny areas of the page to read the content or see the images. You just naturally scroll up or down in your browser to consume every drop of content, like you do on any ordinary smart phone “app.” But, I guess you could say, we’re “app-less,” so you don’t have to download and install yet another “app” and clog up your already crowded smart phone to see, enjoy and use everything we offer.

We welcome you to our new magazine designed around the way you work, live and play, and hope you’ll invite us along with you wherever you go on whatever device YOU use to keep up with your vibrant, busy life in the Lake Conroe, Texas area. Here, you’ll find a wealth of neighborhood resources we hope will make your life richer as you begin to enjoy “Lake Conroe To GO!”