Nature’s Wind Chimes

Rustling leaves of nature’s own wind chimes … the glorious Ornamental Pear whispers a warm welcome in the hush of an exquisite autumn afternoon. A symbol of delicate beauty, the lovely Ornamental Pear blankets the area with splashes of lemon … [Read more...]

Denmark to Texas … A photographic journey!

It's always difficult to find your most interesting traits and bring them together, without sounding self centered or arrogant, and there is also the possibility of sounding dull or boring … but, I want to know you, and want you to know me. So … [Read more...]

May your Thanksgiving day be wonderfully blessed

  … [Read more...]

Sights That Make You Smile!

Have You Had Your Latisse Today? … [Read more...]

Simple pleasures!

This bee enjoyed a leisurely lunch around Lake Conroe last weekend when he had an entire bush full of blooms all to himself. Can't help but wonder if he had even the slightest idea how happy he made me by just hanging around, posing for my camera. … [Read more...]

Whooooshhhh! And that’s while it’s sitting still!

Saleen S7! Should this car get a speeding ticket just for sitting parked in a building? It looks that way to me. I apologize for any adrenalin rushes which might occur while viewing this brief video of a parked 750 horsepower, near 250 mph capable … [Read more...]

Man’s best friend enjoys the ‘dog days of summer’

Boating on Lake Conroe can be an incredible adventure for the whole family ... dogs included! What could be more fun for a dog than spending the day with his favorite people on the fourth of July? We spent awhile enjoying a variety of activities on … [Read more...]

Willis Third Annual Celebration

The sun was scorching hot and shade was scarce until the sun moved behind the stands in Yates Stadium in Willis, Texas, today but that didn't stop the celebration! Lots of open-air fun consisted of music, a patriotic fly-over, a hot dog eating … [Read more...]

The Restful moods of a Texas spring — 2013

A restful three minute video of scenes shot on various Texas locations in Conroe, Montgomery, Willis and High Island, Texas. Enjoy! HINT: If you have a high speed broadband connection, try going full screen and high-resolution for maximum … [Read more...]

Winged Jewels — Great White Egrets

The elegant Great White Egret is a dazzling sight in many North American wetlands, and literally hundreds of them are resplendent in the springtime at High Island, Texas – just a little more than an hour away from Houston. Just a bit smaller and more … [Read more...]