Local author, Annie Clark Cole, introduces her epic Western saga during “Christmas in Montgomery” Dec. 14

Being wanted for murder can make you edgy! Vick Porter had been on the run from lawmen for five years when he rode into Odessa in 1898. He knew an outlaw might be safe in the small West Texas town – at least for a few days – but, then, he was no … [Read more...]

Breakin’ the Rules Again … this food is … What else can we say but “Yummy Yummy”?

As I just enjoyed the last bite of my delicious leftovers from yesterday's meal, and remembered our first visit to Yummy Yummy in Willis, I had to laugh at the memory of going up to the restaurant's door day after day early this year, waiting for … [Read more...]

Searching for Montgomery County authors!

We are on a mission to locate aspiring Montgomery County area authors (particularly those who have self-published, but we welcome all local authors, as long as their books pass the Great-Grandma Test meaning if you wouldn't want your Great-Grandma to … [Read more...]

Breakin’ the Rules!

According to the “rules,” a restaurant critic should not “try to convince the world to visit or not visit the restaurant … so here I am with my first critique, breaking the rules! Well, not exactly, I'm not really trying to convince the whole … [Read more...]

Profile of a Country Boy

An LCTXO local author book review: “Profile of a Country Boy” is a delightful book that will bring back childhood memories to most anyone who has reached the “Golden Years”! It is an extremely well written autobiography, and should become a … [Read more...]

Dear Walt, a novel about life

An LCTXO local author book review: One small package … Just in time for a birthday celebration for Lake Conroe novelist Not long ago on a late summer afternoon, one small package – left just inside the front storm door for protection from a rare … [Read more...]

Achieving Your Dream for COLLEGE SUCCESS

Achieving Your Dream for COLLEGE SUCCESS Paperback: 224 pages Kendall Hunt Publishing (August 31, 2009) ISBN-10: 0757570496 ISBN-13: 978-0757570490 An LCTXO local author book review: Going back to college to earn a degree or a certificate – … [Read more...]