Faith, Family and Community

A column about faith, family and community as they fit into the life of Lake Conroe area residents. We'll be focusing on how these topics affect our daily lives and why these three things are so important in shaping the lives and the lives of our children and those around us. This is a multi-author column, so you'll find a variety of voices here.

Hearing His Voice

"I turned to see the Voice" I had read these six words in this same context before, but this time I stopped and read them again … and again. I can't explain why it happened this time, but the words became crystal clear — even profound in their … [Read more...]

Vacation Bible School …Making a difference in children’s lives

Twenty-three million kids go to Vacation Bible School each summer. We've compiled a list of churches in Conroe, Willis and Montgomery, along with dates and times for their VBS programs. If you know of other churches with upcoming VBS programs, please … [Read more...]

Communication in the Church

As a follower of Christ, I feel God moving in both my virtual and my real lives. Knowing that these dual influences are neither mutually exclusive nor entirely compatible gives rise to a series of questions. — from Digital Disciple by Adam Thomas … [Read more...]

Technology & the Congregation

He'll turn ninety in a week or so, but he has one of the most active and vital minds in the congregation and was more than willing to learn what he needed to know to get his memoirs published by using modern technology to make it possible. He's Armel … [Read more...]

The Web and the Word

We are greatly blessed by our Father in heaven with daily bread, forgiveness of sins and the promise of a kingdom to come as revealed in the Lord's prayer. But along with these blessings we have been charged in Matthew 28:19-20 to: Go therefore and … [Read more...]